Dancing Mice EP

by The Mothers Anger

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Side A
1. Africa 2:00
2. Endless War 1:10
3. See it 0:40
4. Red Glare 1:00
5. Sorrow 2:20

Side B
6.Dancing Mice 6:10

The Mother's Anger - "Dancing Mice" EP recorded by Johnny G of the Basment Sessions recording project, mixed by David T. Rapaport, mastering by Brian Nelson.


released April 8, 2012

David T Rapaport - Stitch bass/guitar (Buitar), Vocals
Joseph Braley - Drums

Special guest::: Johnny G - Vocals on Endless War and See it



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Mothers Anger Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Dancing Mice EP side a

2. Can We get far
Fighting our endless war?
Doesn't matter who you are
You are part of this bizarre
Let me out, Let me out

4.When you'll let it out it'll feels so great
Right behind the red glare dead

5.Surround yourself in sorrow
Never let it go
Make your observations
In the end you'll know

The world is there for a reason
You choose it as you go
So put your arms around it
And listen to its roar
Track Name: Dancing Mice EP side b
6. Yes
The world is spinning around
When you lay, lay flat on the ground
Like Mice, we'll dance in the rain
We're dancing away
Spinning around, flat on the ground

Last night, I made her to come
To me, spin the world round and round
Like Mice, we danced in the rain
We danced away
Spinning around, flat on the ground